This service entails structuring your portfolio and ongoing management of your investments. We work closely with you to develop an investment plan, implement it and regularly keep you informed of your progress.
Hopwood Financial has a disciplined approach to investing. We strive to participate in good markets and protect in down environments. Our goal is to give you superior risk-adjusted returns over time.
Long-Term Investors
We are long-term investors at Hopwood Financial. While markets can be volatile in the short-term, we believe that buying quality securities at good prices and holding them for the long-term is the best way to create and preserve wealth.
Goal Oriented
Rates of return are only part of our ongoing relationship with you. It is absolutely essential that we clearly understand your goals and effectively develop a plan to meet them.
Variety of Investment Products Utilized
Typical investments that we use in portfolios include individual stocks, individual bonds, stock mutual funds (no-load and load waived) and other institutionally exclusive instruments.
This service is the “glue” that holds your entire financial landscape together and is broader than investment management. The financial plan defines where you are, cites your goals and objectives and recommends various steps to reach those goals. Areas of planning may include retirement planning, estate planning, education funding, insurance reviews, tax planning and investment reviews.
Integrating your overall financial goals and objectives, we develop a far-reaching roadmap to achieve your goals. This comprehensive approach insures that all aspects of your financial situation are effectively coordinated. In addition, we periodically review your financial plan with you, keeping it current with your life’s changing conditions.
Professional Network
In our role as your financial planner, we coordinate all aspects of your financial situation and make sure they are working well together. We can either work with your existing professionals or recommend trusted accountants, attorneys, bankers and/or insurance professionals from our vast network.

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