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Attention: Hopwood Financial Visitor Parking Changes

| February 10, 2020

  Hopwood Financial Services Visitor Parking Changes

Our building management has changed the parking policies for our building: 10740 Parkridge Boulevard. The parking garage is now available for employees only. Please be aware that parking in the garage will result in being towed.

Visitor Parking

There are two reserved Hopwood Financial Services’ parking spaces in the back of the building. The spaces are marked with a white sign and our company name (shown below). We encourage you to utilize these two spaces in the back of the building.

f the two Hopwood Financial Services’ parking spaces are not available, there are visitor spaces located in the back and sides of the building. Please look for the green signs as shown below.  If the reserved and visitor parking spaces are all occupied, please give Rachel a call at (703) 787-0008.


**Please note your parking space number and your license plate information if you park in a visitor parking space. This information is necessary upon arrival to our office. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.


The Hopwood Financial Team